The baby wins

and we are going into hospital tomorrow to be induced. I have until midnight tonight to have a homebirth and as nothing is stirring it’s unlikely that this will happen. Anyone want a birthing pool? Knowing our luck the rest of the summer will be cat and we won’t even be able to use it as an oversized paddling pool.
Talk about asserting your personality at an early stage. This baby is already showing the Smith trait of taking way too long to leave the house. It’s in there going “I’m just gonna have a cuppa tea and a slice of toast. Hang on I’m just gonna hop in the shower. Now where did I leave my book/ keys/ trumpet/ wallet? Hold on I just have to ring…”
At least we can now say to Garman that when he wakes up on Monday morning he will be meeting his new brother or sister. All going to plan we should be home again by then.
Visitors are more than welcome except between 12 and 3 – I have the Chocolate Fudge Cake baking as I type! Posted by Picasa

No news and still time to have our homebirth. We’ll let you know by text and we’ll post here once we have gathered our scattered wits. My head is wrecked.

I’ve stopped counting it was doing me no good. There has been some possible twists in the tale and I have been advised by my midwife to (with a very apologetic look on her face) “stop thinking about it all” Well I did my best today and really had a great day. Garman and I went to the library where we read tons of books. Then we went to the doctor where he was prescribed more medication! Then we came home, had a big bowl of pasta each and went for a rest. When we got up we went to meet our friends from the creche for a picnic in the park and it started raining! So the picnic was moved indoors.
And then to top it all off I got feedback on my last semester in college. I got 2 special mentions from our lecturer in her summing up “My top marks here [for onling presentations] went to A, J and Roseanne for presentations that would ‘knock the stuffing’ out of many that I see around the national & international conference circuit!!” […] “And the purpose of keeping a learning log was wonderfully illustrated by Roseanne, who used her final entry to parallel her thoughts with the formal set of Learning outcomes for the module.” I came joint third overall in the class which is exactly the kind of news I needed right now. Now I’m off to check the lotto results so watch this space – if you suddenly see Frank MacNally of the Irish Times keeping my blog for me you can take it for granted that we won.