I’ve stopped counting it was doing me no good. There has been some possible twists in the tale and I have been advised by my midwife to (with a very apologetic look on her face) “stop thinking about it all” Well I did my best today and really had a great day. Garman and I went to the library where we read tons of books. Then we went to the doctor where he was prescribed more medication! Then we came home, had a big bowl of pasta each and went for a rest. When we got up we went to meet our friends from the creche for a picnic in the park and it started raining! So the picnic was moved indoors.
And then to top it all off I got feedback on my last semester in college. I got 2 special mentions from our lecturer in her summing up “My top marks here [for onling presentations] went to A, J and Roseanne for presentations that would ‘knock the stuffing’ out of many that I see around the national & international conference circuit!!” […] “And the purpose of keeping a learning log was wonderfully illustrated by Roseanne, who used her final entry to parallel her thoughts with the formal set of Learning outcomes for the module.” I came joint third overall in the class which is exactly the kind of news I needed right now. Now I’m off to check the lotto results so watch this space – if you suddenly see Frank MacNally of the Irish Times keeping my blog for me you can take it for granted that we won.

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