Tuesday Tune: I can’t get the S.O.B. out of my head
Tuesday Tune: Pressure by My Brightest Diamond
Camping was fun.
A menu that should have been on holidays :(
Tuesday Tune: Somewhere to Go by Sue Rynhart
Butaisí: a crochet booties pattern
Déanta ag Rosie: Taking pride in making
Ghost Story
Nipper 3.0 tells a ghost story
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Red Cabbage

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 My aunt got in touch from London to ask me for a recipe for red cabbage. My mother had suggested that mine didn't seem to take forever like some recipes. I reckon this is because time just passes in my scintillating company. This from the person who thinks a blog post about red cabbage will be interesting... I gather from my aunt that it is red cabbage season: her quarter head is from a community garden where she volunteers. I have never grown cabbage and, while I do love red cabbage done this way or in a coleslaw, there is only so much I can eat so I think it is unlikely I will ever grow it. I suppose this recipe is ...

Campfire Cones. Okay Barbeque Cones. Okay Oven Cones. Sheesh.

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We had great success this summer with a barbeque dessert recipe. I'm looking forward to rolling it out again this summer whenever that happens. Check it out below in my lovely recipe plugin that I have finally used. This plugin means that if you pin this recipe (hint hint) it will display as a recipe on Pinterest. How about that![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Campfire Cones - Delicious, prepare ahead dessert for your barbeque. Easy to transport and easy enough for the kids to prepare. Only marginally less messy than actual cones. - Ingredients: Marshmallow (Those little ones preferably), Dark chocolate (Broken up), White ...

Run, Rosie, Run!

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I'm running in the Dublin Mini Marathon on Monday 1st June. It's a 10 kilometre race. I hope you will be able to sponsor me and support Arc Cancer Support Services. I wouldn't quite say I've got the running bug. Unlike a friend of mine I don't look forward to my run every (second) day. I'm always glad when I've done it and building up to 10 kilometres (again!) over the last three months have given me a real sense of achievement. And a waist! When I started running again (about a week before a significant birthday - analyse that!) I decided I was aiming for the mini-marathon. It's finally nearly here and it will ...