Bill Hart plays a ceremonial horn
Sierra Leonean Art: A talk in Collins Barracks Museum, 15 November
Butaisí: a crochet booties pattern
Déanta ag Rosie: Taking pride in making
Ghost Story
Nipper 3.0 tells a ghost story
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Actually on the telly box

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For a change, rather than blathering about telly, I was on

Review: Charolais, when a cow brought a tear to my eye

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I'm making a concrete effort this year to get to more shows in The Dublin Fringe Festival. Maybe I'm trying to make good on last year's (yes 2013's) resolution to see more theatre. I am the cultural bulimic that I may or may not have spoken about during my undergrad viva voce. Wow, that sentence is full of hot air. That sentence couldn't be less like the lunchtime play I attended in Bewley's last Sunday. Charolais is full of shit. And muck. And blood. Cows. Jeeps. Kitchen tables. In other words, very down to earth, realistic. It's a one woman show about a love triangle between a woman, her man and his cow with a ...

Quick review: Between Trees and Water, Dublin Fringe Festival

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I'm sorry I don't have enough time to do "Between Trees and Water" the justice it deserves but I'm also conscious that time is of the essence if you are to make it to see this compelling production by Painted Bird Productions as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival. It runs here in Dublin until Sunday with matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm in South Studios on New Row South. [caption id="attachment_2440" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Between Trees and Water. Photo credit John Allen[/caption] Based on a collection of documents relating to an illegal abortion in Cork in 1939 the fabulous ensemble acting of ...