I currently work as an online marketing consultant. I run my own consultancy,, advising my clients on Online Marketing. My mission is to help my clients to thrive online. I chose the name OnlineHub for my company because I believe that every business should have an online hub. If you create an online hub for your business, an online space where you manage the look and substance of that space, you can maintain it and manage it to respond to any changes to computed algorithms or human fads.

I share articles on OnlineHub which cover a range of topics of interest to online marketers including (but not limited to) content strategy, search engine optimisation, social media, online advertising, email marketing and mobile marketing.

You can see more about my work history on my LinkedIn profile. Please feel free to link in with me – let me know you hopped over from my blog!

Recently I worked as an Online Marketing Consultant with the award winning agency, Pixel Design. I advised their clients on a range of online marketing strategies and contributed content to their website and quarterly newsletter. Here are some of my articles to date:

* ​I blogged my way in to the Congregation 2013 unconference with a version of this post which you can read here “The Age of A La Carte Advertising“. I also created a deck that shared the tips from this post:

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