Questionnaire that could affect the future of Ireland

Okay the subject line might seem a little bit dramatic but I actually think it might be the case. The organisation I work for, Comhdh�il N�isi�n�nta na Gaeilge, ran a story in today’s edition of our fortnightly newsletter (you mean you didn’t get it! visit and sign up now! It’s free and packed full of info, available in Irish only or bilingual version) about an online survey being run by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment that aims to find out people’s attitudes about the Senior Cycle and Leaving Cert and their hopes and expectations for the Leaving Cert of the future. “So what?”, says you “I did my LC years ago!” However, you may (like me) have a youngster sitting down to do their LC in less than 20 years or you may plan to start your own business and will have to employ people or you may even get to the stage in your job where you have to interview people, it would be nice to think that the rounded individual concerned had you to thank for the balanced education they received. Especially if you feel the Senior Cycle did nothing for you and ruined your life, you should do something now to stop it doing the same to others!

The survey is here

Here is the article from, the fortnightly electronic newsletter:



T� athbhreithni� � dh�anamh ag an gComhairle N�isi�nta Curaclaim agus Meas�nachta CNCM (NCCA) ar scr�d� na hArdteistim�ireachta. Ar nd�igh t� �it na Gaeilge san �ireamh san athbhreithni� seo.

T� ceistneoir ag an NCCA ar a su�omh Gr�as�in agus tugtar deis do gach duine a dtuairim i leith na n-�bhar a nochtadh. I l�thair na huaire t� 57% d�ibh si�d a d’fhreagair an ceistneoir ag r� gur ch�ir go mbeadh an Ghaeilge roghnach ag leibh�al na hArdteiste. Beidh impleachta� m�ra ann do thodhcha� na Gaeilge n� amh�in sa ch�ras oideachais ach i gcoitinne sa ch�s go dtaobha�onn an Rialtas leis an tuairim sin. N�l m�r�n ama againn (Is � 30 Meitheamh an spriocdh�ta) m� theasta�onn uainn go mbeidh �r dtuairim� san �ireamh san athbhreithni� seo. Molann Comhdh�il N�isi�nta na Gaeilge go l�idir do gach duine an ceistneoir a �osl�d�il agus a l�onadh.


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) are reviewing the Leaving Certificate Examination. Of course the Irish Language syllabus is included in this review.

NCCA have a questionnaire on their site and everyone has the opportunity to let his/her opinion on all subjects be known. Currently 57% of those who answered the questionnaire think that Irish should be an optional subject at Leaving Cert level. This has serious implications for the future of the Irish Language not only in the education system but in a more general sense if the government agrees with this opinion.

We don’t have much time (30 June is the deadline) if we want our views to be included in this review. Comhdh�il N�isi�nta na Gaeilge recommends that everyone complete the questionnaire.

Litir Oscailte � Helen � Murch�, Sti�rth�ir Chomhar na M�inteoir� Gaeilge |

Open letter from Helen � Murch�, Director of Comhar na M�inteoir� Gaeilge


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