First day in the new job

Started the new job yesterday – did this. Jealous much?


However do also note the travelling laundry basket to the right. Not all fun and games eh? But at least I no longer have to do this on Saturday mornings or at 9 o’clock at night.

Happy New Year!


Oooh baby

Had another (24 week! That’s 6 months for the dolts!) antenatal visit this morning. Everything cooking away nicely. Hurrah.

Finally got rid of the awful couch and breakfast bar stools – all went to a good cause: Youthreach Trim. And we got a nice box of chocolates into the bargain.

Off to see Grats and Fayzer performing in Whelans tonight.

Haircut tomorrow evening in Sit Stil – a new salon but same stylist. Apparently as an old client migrating from her previous salon I am getting a special offer of EUR45.00. I’m not sure what is supposed to be special about that offer. Someone I know was there recently and ended up leaving before they even cut her hair because they made her wait so long so I am approaching it with trepidation. I don’t even know what I want to get done so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking of getting it all chopped off but Ratser and the Hand don’t think I should – they think it’s cute at the moment. It’s in great condition considering the pregnancy – apparently it can go either way. I might just go for something simple and then funk it up with some good colours. Also another vote against chopping it all off is that when I came back from the States, Abs had beaten me to it. Bah!

And in case I don’t get a chance to post for a while, I should really mention that himself and I are going for lunch in Jacob’s Ladder on Saturday – spoilt rotten. 4 years together – aaaah!

I also forgot to mention that Kaybee’s brainchild, got a mention in the Irish Times magazine on Saturday. Nice!

Dinners ready. Soon my lovelies and now you can get all cool and interactive – hurrah!

Back again

But unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot to say… Hmmmm

The reason for my absence is because the modem in work is buggy and just will not load certain sites, blogger included. Doh! So the only excuse I have for not coming home and blogging is that my life is far too interesting. ANd believe it or not the weather is too good.

To add to that we spent last weekend decorating the spare room where the computer lives so it was all packed up and carted away. The spare room is much more pleasant now and we are thinking we will all sleep down here in the winter.

Fascinating I know. I’m just out of the habit. I need to spring clean the site. I have discovered that my server hosts php so I have no excuse not to teach myself now.

Out and about

But it wasn’t all sitting on our asses today. Himself and I went into town to order new blinds. I know we were very excited about it too 😉 . Ansin cheannaigh m� dh� thic�id do cheolchoirm Mark Geary ar an Aoine. D’fh�achamar ar speacla� nua domsa. Bh� c�pla peire a bh� go h�lainn ar fad – bh� an galoine ag giobadh amach �n bhfr�ma – thugamar speacla� na bhf�ileach�in orthu. N�orbh E F�in r�-thogtha leo ach is mise a bheas a chaitheamh ach eisean a bheas ag f�achaint orthu…! Ansin chuamar go Caf� Bar Deli agus bh� Sundae agamsa agus Split aige si�d. Yum!

ANsin ar an mbealach abhaile fuair mise ballra�ocht sa gym gar d�inn. T� linn sn�mha agus gach rud ann. Bh� m� ag s�il go dt�gfadh � F�in ballra�ocht freisin ach n� thuigeann s� ar chor ar bith �. Is m�r an trua �.

I love Lucille A luscious looking site – Beebs should like it.