On the way home

Everyday I get stopped at the lights on Sally’s Bridge. It’s just not possible to get from the set on Donore Ave through to the set Sally’s Bridge. So I take a pic with my phone camera. It’s only 2.0mps so the quality is not great but this set of photos taken since January prove one thing. It doesn’t always rain in Ireland. In fact I have rarely cycled in the rain in the last three months.

A wee while

So it’s been a wee while since I’ve blogged. I have been “touring … man” around Scottish with a gropu (one of them took exception to the collective noun bunch) of poets, musicians and singers. Okay well two poets, a uileann piper and a singer. Very inspiring altogether.

Finally made it back to Scotland after all this time. Will be uploading the pics in work soon so will post the URL then.

Before I went away we had loads of visitors. K and P were over from Wales (well on their way home to Wales actually after visiting her mammy [insert German equivalent]) Fair play to K for handing in her PhD – only the reaaaaallllly nerve wracking bit to go.

Then for five days we had the Talled and Tanned One and some fella she picked up while surfing. We had a good laugh that weekend – lots of nice food and chats. Prof GF also made it home for a flying visit. I reckon she particularly wanted to catch Bingus’ play before it finished.

Which reminds me that the last time I saw him was when I was in the airport, hanging around waiting for the final member of our touring party who never showed up! I couldn’t believe it! The absence of the piper as opposed to the presence of the clown. Amazingly I also met Bean Mhic Ginnea and her hubby off for hols in Italy – nach meanair d�ibh!

So it’s exam time: good luck vibes to the Foxrocky Lady and Jabs. And I think the Prof also may have some but who knows…


Fuair mé na sonraí ar ár deireadh seachtaine fada sna Beanna Beola. Beidh sé deacair ach tá mé ag sil go mór leis. Beidh orm tús a chur leis an gcleachtadh agus briseadh mo bhutaisí nua.

Chomh maith le sin chuir mo bhuachaill álainn ár dticéid in áireamh do Nua Eabhrac. Ag súil go mór, mór leis. EUR420.00 don dhá ticéid. First class there and back. Hoo fucking rah!