Dahlinks 28.11.2010

The best laid plans of mice and moms, eh? So much for my plan to at the very least post some links every week! I spend quite a bit of time (usually of an evening!) trawling the web for great content. Here are some of the most arresting items I have found in the last week. Many of these I share via the IIA’s Twitter account where I work so if you want them as I find them, follow the IIA on Twitter. Some of these I also share in my upcoming article for Beo. In no particular order:

Not all bloggers are idiots or lunatics

Why not come and meet some and find out?

Last February Irish blogger Jason Roe had his 15 minutes of fame after an online tussle with some of Ryanair’s staff. I don’t know if it was a wish to prove that all bloggers, twitterers, whatever, are not actually idiots or lunatics that prompted Jason to start organising the BTW (Blogger, Twitter, Whatever) Meetups but they have been going from strength to strength since. I made it to the last one and it was a great opportunity to put a few faces to names. Embarrassingly it was rather difficult for me to keep those names attached to those faces in one instance but it had been a long day!

The next BTW meetup is on Thursday 3rd September in the Kudos Bar in the Clarion Hotel in the IFSC. There’ll be eating and drinking and it kicks off at 7pm. It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or tweeting or if you’re an old hand, you should come along. It will be fun, you’ll meet new people and maybe learn a few tricks about gaining international notoriety from the man himself!

Register online today and I’ll see you there!