Busy fingers

My projects on Ravelry

It’s practically impossible to blog and crochet at the same time. Crochet one, blog two. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Thanks to Ravelry though I do have an online repository for my uber crochet geekery.

Ravelry is a superb resource and a fascinating database. It must be one of the most successful niche community fora in the world. Consumers, suppliers, hobbyists and professionals discuss all manner of yarnie issues and news in a very well developed and developing site. Personally I don’t have a huge amount of time for the discussions but a huge number of my recent creations have begun as (nearly all free!) patterns found on Ravelry.

Apart from finding challenging and beautiful patterns on Ravelry I have also managed to sell some of my recently inherited stash to a fellow yarnie in the US!

Another amazing resource for burgeoning hookers is YouTube where you will find a gazillion videos to explain any stitch.


I’ve been planning a post for ages about the yarns I was introduced to at a recent “yarn tasting” at This is Knit. It will come… One of these days 🙂


Kudos to Kaybee

Kudos to Kaybee in particular. Not so convinced about being known as a 3-time loser in the national press but sure you can’t have it every way. Nice one!
Irish Times Article – Game Boys face up to a tough screen test: “The site is operated by ‘four women and a token man’ – motorcycle buff Katherine Bailey, content creator Roseanne Smith who speaks from a three-time-loser record before she passed her driving test, busy marketing director and flashy sports car enthusiast Sinead Deegan, publicist Doireann Gillan who hasn’t yet got around to trying for her driving licence, and artist Mark Ellison who ‘looks fantastic behind the wheel of a mini’.”

At least it doesn’t say he looks great behind the skirt of a mini…