The Sprog went nuts all the way through the fight scene between Neo and Smith. Reminds me of a girl I met while I was on Erasmus in Glasgow. When she was born the only music that would send her to sleep was Beethoven’s 5th (or was it 9th) cos her mum went to see “The Clockwork Orange” while she was pregnant!

So yeah that’s twice this week I’ve felt the ween giving it loads at about teatime. It’s a mad feeling. Like a drum inside me that someone is tapping on. As if my diaphragm is being played cos it make me feel a little breathless. Amazing…


Killing some time before I go to meet Himself to go and see The Matrix Reloaded. Slightly worried that he might be a little more excited about this than the sprog 🙂 He’s a late convert and they are always the most zealous.

I remember the day myself and the Travelling Wiblette went to see the Matrix. We went on a Saturday afternoon not knowing much about it really. I have always been a bit of a sci-fi fan being the keeper of 3 brothers so I suspect it was on my initiative. We were so impressed. I remember leaving the cinema. It was bright day outside. We got our bikes and cycled west but it was a really strange cycle that took us along all these really narrow alleyways. I can’t remember where we were going. I think it might have been Hanberry Lane. Maybe it was when the Travelling Wiblette was involved with the Bollix…

So all set for the Joooon Bank Holiday weekend. All plans are go. Only glitch so far is that DG won’t be able to accompany us on the “Wee Daniel’s Cup of Tea Tour 2003”. Well that’s the only glitch if you don’t count the fact that Dinners is making our dinner for Friday night tonight and freezing it thus letting us all know her true colours. The colour nerd is somewhere between brown, orange and grey. Dins your true colors 🙂 Only kidding!!

Right gotta go catch a movie. Smell yis later


So Himself’s sister had a little girl over a week ago now and called her Daisy. She also has a son called Kenyon. I was in the ancestral home on Easter Sunday, flicking through the Time Out Guide to Film that I bought me da for Crimbo and what do I find but this:
There is a film from 1947 called Daisy Kenyon!