The Rosie view can be viewed and heard elsewhere

A podcast about what's on the telly boxThe second episode (and maybe by the time I get this out of draft and you get to read it, the third episode) of The Rosie View, myself and Rosemary MacCabe’s weekly podcast about what’s on the telly, has been given it’s own home. You can listen to the latest pod (as they say in  the podcasting biz doncha know), get shownotes and additional media (trailers, links etc) on

It seemed to be taking for ever for our pod to appear on iTunes. Impatient me checked daily! I wondered if it was because I ticked explicit in the rating box? Basically when prepping a RSS feed for podcasting, either using the rather good podcasting plugin or Feedburner, you have to answer the question “Contains explicit content” with Yes, No or Clean. Now I’m not saying we’re a pair of foul mouthed fiends but we don’t pull any punches on our opinions either. In fact Rosemary finds my turn of phrase very amusing at times: in Episode 2 I’m heard exclaiming “Big bopping boobies I couldn’t give a flute!” leaving Rosemary to wonder have I been spending too much time in the company of the under 6. Friends recently pointed out to me on a night out that I could stop spelling curse words whilst in their company. You get the picture. So I’m very honest. I can’t swear (if you’ll excuse the pun) that the odd curse may not slip from our lips and editing out the really ridiculous hiccups is taking enough of my time without adding in a beep track.

It turns out that the reason we have yet to appear in iTunes is because the email address associated with my iTunes account is so ancient that it no longer exists. Lesson learned and fixed! So you can now find us on iTunes (this link will open your iTunes, you have been warned.)

You may be wondering why I suddenly took a notion to start a podcast. Or you may not but I’m going to tell you anyway. I had great fun doing a live radio show a couple of years back for Raidió na Life and doing pre-recorded inserts for Digital Audio Productions last year. Just before Easter I participated in the IIA Social Media Working Group’s (of which I am a member) workshop on podcasting (you can hear me participating here) and I just thought, “You know until I have rustled up a podcast of my own for a considerable length of time, it’s a bit rich of me to be telling everyone else to do it.” So I asked Rosemary would she be on, we thought about what we could talk about for a sustained length of time (answer: bleedin anything!) but struck on TV as a kind of universal. It also means that we can invite basically anyone onto the show as an expert because everyone has their own favourite or, indeed, least favourite TV show. So far we are having a laugh doing it and quite a few of our friends have volunteered to come on the show.

I’m not sure how I’m going to work the upcoming holidays but I will get the advice of some experts about recording remotely or I might roll out our first guests…