Is yer ma there?

I was working from home today. I got quite a bit done between my bouts of presidential style bridge building: his latest lego obsession. We were stuck here waiting for NTL to come and fix our cable – we have no BBC2. They were supposed to arrive between 9 and 1 and they didn’t. I’ll be having 2 months free service thank you very much. It is absolutely disgraceful. I’ve been sitting here all day waiting for them and apparently they are going to call today. It’s 5.20 on a Friday. I won’t be holding my breath so.
While I was here there was a knock on the door which I rushed to answer thinking it might be NTL. It was a man selling chimney covers, a product I never even knew existed. When I answered the door he said “Is your ma there?” And I said “I am the ma.” I like to think I look a little younger than my years but that’s pushing it. I didn’t buy a chimney cover regardless of his inadvertent compliments.