Need some diversion?

My talented family can, in the next fortnight, offer you the going out kinda diversion and the staying in kind too. Hmm I’m acknowledging that could be misinterpreted but read on and it will all make sense.

My multi-talented sister Abigail will see the world premiere of her guitar piece entitled “Little Warm House” which is dedicated to her nephew, Fursey. Abigail has written a beautiful piece of music for each of her nieces and nephews at birth and I think it is a beautiful and generous gift. I remember hearing Garman’s quintet being played for the first time at a concert in the United Artists Club. It was a very special and proud moment for me. Nearly as special as the moment later, when speaking to someone about how the song was for our son, he exclaimed, “Did you have children in your teens? My God but you only look about twenty!” I think he was including silver-haired Himself out of politeness.

“Little Warm House” will be performed by the Diversus Guitar Ensemble. The group will premier new music by John Wolf Brennan, David Stalling, Abigail Smith and James McGuiggan. This concert programme will also feature two Vivaldi Concertos from ‘L’Estro Armonico’ and ‘La Scalabrina’ by Giovanni Battista Vitali.

I think myself and the family will head along to the concert in the Unitarian Church so we might see you there.

And my father is all set to divert you indoors or wherever you happen to be listening to the all new 4 FM, 96 or 104 FM, at 9pm on Wednesday nights. You can read more on his own blog (which sadly also needs some serious attention from yours truly…)

An honorary Smith family member, Arron “Fayzer” Faye, has also made the leap into blogging, where he posts about the production and composition work he does for adverts and artists. Check out and subscribe to his blog today!

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