Rosie put the kettle on

a farmerI mentioned in a previous  post that I was going to give a kettlebell workout a go. I’ve been to two classes and have enjoyed it. As well as being a toning workout, it also includes cardio aspects and builds your core strength. Obviously I have a bit to go before there will be visible improvements but it’s great to feel like I’m doing something! I always enjoy the social aspect of a class too.
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It’s great to hear from Shane Nicoletti, our kettlebells instructor, that he has been given permission to run a twice weekly lunchtime course in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin City Centre.  The classes will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1pm – 1.30pm starting June 21st. If you are looking for something to set you up for an afternoon of work this is perfect way to re-energise especially as it takes place outdoors – a particularly fine way to exercise!

Check out the Kettlebells Ireland site for more details.

Exercises, exercises, we must do our exercises

Now that I’m feeling a little more energetic I’ve been trying out a few exercises. A friend recommended this video which is good and totally do-able. The fact that another new mum recommended it is a bonus. Also note that the video is 9 mins long and after a 6 hour labour that’s like so easy, right?!

However I also really like this one because it allows me to exercise with Nipper 3.0 in the morning after we walk back from the school. It’s kind of difficult to do those push-ups with someone laughing in your face though!

As a friend on Twitter said you also want to be careful about the timing of your exercise with baby:

I’m also heading along to a kettle bells class which is run in a park nearby by a dad from the school. I’ll give it a go and take it very easy but I sat in on a class today and it looked like I should be able to manage it especially as the exercises built up in stages. I like to exercise in a class because I find it far more motivating. I had seen this class taking place on my way to and from work and the school. The fact that it takes place outdoors really appeals to me. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Out and about

But it wasn’t all sitting on our asses today. Himself and I went into town to order new blinds. I know we were very excited about it too 😉 . Ansin cheannaigh m� dh� thic�id do cheolchoirm Mark Geary ar an Aoine. D’fh�achamar ar speacla� nua domsa. Bh� c�pla peire a bh� go h�lainn ar fad – bh� an galoine ag giobadh amach �n bhfr�ma – thugamar speacla� na bhf�ileach�in orthu. N�orbh E F�in r�-thogtha leo ach is mise a bheas a chaitheamh ach eisean a bheas ag f�achaint orthu…! Ansin chuamar go Caf� Bar Deli agus bh� Sundae agamsa agus Split aige si�d. Yum!

ANsin ar an mbealach abhaile fuair mise ballra�ocht sa gym gar d�inn. T� linn sn�mha agus gach rud ann. Bh� m� ag s�il go dt�gfadh � F�in ballra�ocht freisin ach n� thuigeann s� ar chor ar bith �. Is m�r an trua �.

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