Busy fingers

My projects on Ravelry

It’s practically impossible to blog and crochet at the same time. Crochet one, blog two. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Thanks to Ravelry though I do have an online repository for my uber crochet geekery.

Ravelry is a superb resource and a fascinating database. It must be one of the most successful niche community fora in the world. Consumers, suppliers, hobbyists and professionals discuss all manner of yarnie issues and news in a very well developed and developing site. Personally I don’t have a huge amount of time for the discussions but a huge number of my recent creations have begun as (nearly all free!) patterns found on Ravelry.

Apart from finding challenging and beautiful patterns on Ravelry I have also managed to sell some of my recently inherited stash to a fellow yarnie in the US!

Another amazing resource for burgeoning hookers is YouTube where you will find a gazillion videos to explain any stitch.


I’ve been planning a post for ages about the yarns I was introduced to at a recent “yarn tasting” at This is Knit. It will come… One of these days 🙂



Trying to find examples of effective logos to show my co-volunteer on the soyouwantodrive.com site – not as easy as you would think! I’m working on the site with some friends. We were fed up of all the crap involved in not just passing your test but actually applying for it, getting lessons etc. It used to drive me nuts that I would be spending 20 quid a pop on a lesson and I would be driving home from the lesson or indeed driving during my lesson and see people blatantly and dangerously break the rules of the road. AND they were fully licenced!!