He works for you

You should be very grateful.

John Handelaar and some of his friends have created something very special for the people of Ireland. He has created KildareStreet.com, a site where you can read and search all of the business of the Houses of the Oireachtas. Not only can you do that you can get email alerts or a RSS Feed for your search terms. This is exciting. So say you really care about the Irish Language, for example, you can get an alert every single time the heads in the Dáil mention the Irish Language. You can even see that Ó Cuív is busting a gut ar son na cúise with nearly ten times as many mentions of the language compared to Mary Hanafin in second place. Maith thú, a Éamon!

kildarestreetcomSo that’s pretty cool.

But even cooler and better still a lot of the time in the Dáil is taken up with Question Time. So a TD asks a question and generally the minister or tánaiste or taoiseach or whoever answer them. Or do they? Now you can vote whether you think the question was answered or not.

Democracy: welcome to Ireland!