Bootie call

A while back I did an advanced crochet course in Springwools . While I wouldn’t consider myself half as advanced as some of the women (and of course they were ALL women in the class) I was made very welcome indeed. I looked forward to the class every week and knowing that someone would be able to untangle any knots I got into I became more adventurous in my choice of patterns.

One of my classmates had a bit of an obsession with booties; converse style ones in particular. She made all sorts but recommended this pattern in particular. I have now made two pairs and this is the second below. I hope this pair actually get to the lucky child before he/ she is too bug for them. The last pair will make a nice Xmas tree decoration. Oh well.

Wednesday WIP

Work in progress. It’s a great phrase. It’s all action and forward motion. I like to think of my life as one big work in progress. That’s why I called this blog One of these days… One of these days the work in progress will be finished.

But you know what? Other work will always be there to take its place. A while back Keith Bohanna recommended a book called “Getting Things Done” (not directly to me, mind!) and as I was always impressed with his modus operandi when working with him I thought I’d give it a look. I picked up a copy before my leave between finishing with the IIA and starting with Prosperity. I got a fair bit done on my holiers. I didn’t actually get the book read! It’s a work in progress.

I also look on my body as a work in progress and thanks to my childbearing of recent years it’s definitely been a work in progress. A friend recommended Couch to 10K and I’m on week 4 so far. It’s going well but a new pair of runners has destroyed my heels with blisters which makes it very difficult to get going in the morning.

Finally I’ve had a few crochet projects on the go. I created decorations for a farewell plant for my colleagues. I also gave them and my mother iPhone cosies. I’m also just about finished a little cardigan for my gorgeous new niece – another fabulous work in progress. You can see the beginning of the first row below. I had planned a beautiful blanket for her. You can see that I started it below. I had to frog the whole lot as they seem to say online. Rip every last stitch. It just wasn’t right. So that’s another work in progress.

I’ve also had to rethink the wedding present I’m working on as it was also not turning out as I expected. So all in all lots of work in progress!

And I haven’t even mentioned the garden this time round! What works in progress have you on the go at the moment? Anything you are especially excited about? Go on, tell all!

Wednesday WIP (Crochet & Garden)

It’s Wednesday which means it’s work in progress day. Since my last WIP I have been quite productive relatively speaking. For a change too the work I’ve done has been for me: I don’t want to fall into that trap of never making anything for myself. Lately I’m going to the other extreme.

When you crochet or knit or make things do you find you’re always giving them away too? It seems selfish or vain to make something for yourself but egotistical in equal parts to give it away. It’s like when someone says, “I’m in a band: here, listen to my demo.” But you can’t because your ears are bleeding from the pain of their music and you don’t know what to say. I wonder to people receive my gifts and think “Sweet lord, what am I going to do with this thing!” I think I’m lucky enough to have polite enough friends who will tactfully place the lovingly crafted object in a less-trafficked corner of the house. That said I recall the sting, after spending a few hours creating something that I think the recipient didn’t realise was handmade, when it was just flung to one side without so much as a thank you. But isn’t that rude regardless of the effort put into the gift!

I know I mentioned on the Rosie View when we were talking about The Great British Bake Off that I could completely understand why the contestants got so upset: sure I was at home sniffling for them because I know the pain of putting your heart and soul into something only to have it flop.

However there was a lesson to be learned from the winners of that series: persistence. Malcolm Gladwell would have us believe that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert or a genius at a skill.

But the difficulty is that by the time we realise this or at the very least realise the truth in this we no longer have 10,000 hours to spare. Not in one block anyway. That’s why a hobby that you can try, try again in short snatches allows you to build up those 10,000 hours. So maybe by the time I’m actually a total granny I’ll be amazing at crochet.

So on to the WIP. Below you can see the business card holder I whipped up not last Wednesday but the Wednesday before to match my iPad holder so it would be easy for me to find while I was networking at dotconf the following day. It’s a bit of a joke but I do love the cheerful colours. It and the iPad cover go with nothing at all though!

I also started the top I described in my last WIP post. It’s going well although the tension isn’t quite right probably because I’m not using the specified wool but it’s just too expensive. I’m worried therefore that this central panel will be too wide thus making the whole top too wide. It is pretty though and I love the colour. You’ll see below that there’s a lot of green in my life at the moment!

And Himself has been busy too and we’ve finally been enjoying the fruits of his incremental 10,000 hours. I wonder if we’ll ever have enough strawberries ripe at the same time for a bowlful each? Nipper 2.0 keeps sneaking out into the garden by himself and finding the ripe ones and shnarfing them before anybody else gets a chance. I beat him to this one here and it was delicious. In the second picture you can see Himself planting some cauliflower and turnip seedlings given to us by our neighbour. In the foreground carrot, onions and beetroot can be seen. Our first batch of potatoes should be ready soon as well.I’m really looking forward to more beetroot brownies: my favourite way to make my pee a funny colour!

I”ve already made loads of the rocket into pesto with parmesan, olive oil and pine nuts.

Wednesday WIP 1st June

My work in progress is slow going; not much done since last week. It’s a finicky pattern which is not engraving itself on my brain. It’s not easy enough to crack away at without fear of going wrong but it’s not so hard that I shouldn’t just be able to subsume it into my crochet know how. I don’t know about you but the late night crocheting sessions are doing my hooking no good.

I think I’m going to take a little break from it this evening to crochet a business card holder. Random I know but my cards are getting dog-eared floating around my bag. I’m going to design it to match my iPad cosy.

This week I have also received two batches of wool that I bought on eBay. It was only when I received them that i realised it looks like I’m going to crochet a tricolour! I got a lovely apple green which I am planning to use to crochet a top from the Rowan Summer crochet brochure that I picked up in Springwools recently.