First day in the new job

Started the new job yesterday – did this. Jealous much?


However do also note the travelling laundry basket to the right. Not all fun and games eh? But at least I no longer have to do this on Saturday mornings or at 9 o’clock at night.

Happy New Year!


Not all bloggers are idiots or lunatics

Why not come and meet some and find out?

Last February Irish blogger Jason Roe had his 15 minutes of fame after an online tussle with some of Ryanair’s staff. I don’t know if it was a wish to prove that all bloggers, twitterers, whatever, are not actually idiots or lunatics that prompted Jason to start organising the BTW (Blogger, Twitter, Whatever) Meetups but they have been going from strength to strength since. I made it to the last one and it was a great opportunity to put a few faces to names. Embarrassingly it was rather difficult for me to keep those names attached to those faces in one instance but it had been a long day!

The next BTW meetup is on Thursday 3rd September in the Kudos Bar in the Clarion Hotel in the IFSC. There’ll be eating and drinking and it kicks off at 7pm. It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or tweeting or if you’re an old hand, you should come along. It will be fun, you’ll meet new people and maybe learn a few tricks about gaining international notoriety from the man himself!

Register online today and I’ll see you there!

A wee while

So it’s been a wee while since I’ve blogged. I have been “touring … man” around Scottish with a gropu (one of them took exception to the collective noun bunch) of poets, musicians and singers. Okay well two poets, a uileann piper and a singer. Very inspiring altogether.

Finally made it back to Scotland after all this time. Will be uploading the pics in work soon so will post the URL then.

Before I went away we had loads of visitors. K and P were over from Wales (well on their way home to Wales actually after visiting her mammy [insert German equivalent]) Fair play to K for handing in her PhD – only the reaaaaallllly nerve wracking bit to go.

Then for five days we had the Talled and Tanned One and some fella she picked up while surfing. We had a good laugh that weekend – lots of nice food and chats. Prof GF also made it home for a flying visit. I reckon she particularly wanted to catch Bingus’ play before it finished.

Which reminds me that the last time I saw him was when I was in the airport, hanging around waiting for the final member of our touring party who never showed up! I couldn’t believe it! The absence of the piper as opposed to the presence of the clown. Amazingly I also met Bean Mhic Ginnea and her hubby off for hols in Italy – nach meanair d�ibh!

So it’s exam time: good luck vibes to the Foxrocky Lady and Jabs. And I think the Prof also may have some but who knows…

Le Weekend

So tá an deireadh seachtaine beagnach orainn arís. Níl aon pleananna móra againn seachas Gorradh Tí Doireann agus Ruth. Cocktails. Dangerussss

Stay at home and protest

Stay at home and protest This one’s not about the war for a change.

Friday 28th February 2003

National Strike against Pubs/Clubs in Ireland.

Prices for alcoholic drinks are a staggering 59% (and rising) above the EU average according to a major international study.

Take part in the National Strike on the 28th, stay away from pubs and clubs.

THIS CAN WORK if everyone co-operates!!


National Boycott of Pubs/Nightclubs Day in Ireland, Friday 28th/Febuary/2003

Irish drinkers are being ripped off. A report conducted last September indicates as much. Prices for alcoholic drinks are a staggering 59% (and rising) above the EU average according to a major international study.

Irish pubs and nightclubs, especially those in Dublin, are churning out incredible profits. These profits, earned from the toil of the Irish consumer, can be explained by none other than total greed.


You have a choice. You can put up with this ludicrous profiteering and continue to whinge about prices being too high, OR you can take action.

We propose a “National Boycott of Pubs/Nightclubs Day” throughout Ireland for Friday 28th/Feb/2003. It is about time the Irish consumer striked back.

And if this doesn’t get the message across, we’ll strike again with something even more drastic.