Wednesday WIP 1st June

My work in progress is slow going; not much done since last week. It’s a finicky pattern which is not engraving itself on my brain. It’s not easy enough to crack away at without fear of going wrong but it’s not so hard that I shouldn’t just be able to subsume it into my crochet know how. I don’t know about you but the late night crocheting sessions are doing my hooking no good.

I think I’m going to take a little break from it this evening to crochet a business card holder. Random I know but my cards are getting dog-eared floating around my bag. I’m going to design it to match my iPad cosy.

This week I have also received two batches of wool that I bought on eBay. It was only when I received them that i realised it looks like I’m going to crochet a tricolour! I got a lovely apple green which I am planning to use to crochet a top from the Rowan Summer crochet brochure that I picked up in Springwools recently.

There is crochet for everything

After recently finishing a six week course in crochet in Springwools in Walkinstown I’ve been crocheting away like a crazy lady. While I could already crochet the course really helped me improve and understand techniques. And like many courses it really improved my confidence so that Himslef actually asked me yesterday was I planning to crochet christmas presents for everyone. I’d be hard pushed to crochet an iPhone for my bro….

Here are some of the items I have crocheted recently.

An iPad cover I whipped up over the weekend 🙂


Well I am a bit crotchety to discover that I missed a workshop on hyperbolic crochet last Saturday with Margaret Wertheim who I have written about before. However I was delighted to see that she is coming back on March 12th 2010 to talk at Tedx Dublin 3. Aaaarrrgggghhh. It is highly unlikely that I will be in any fit state to appear in public by March 12th. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that I could still be pregnant by then. For those of you who can make it have your fingers at the ready: tickets are available from March 1st and usually sell like hotcakes. Dammit!

Far Off Place
Photo owned by superfem (cc)

However all is not lost! The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef is coming to Dublin and will be on display in the Science Gallery with contributions from Irish hookers between 30 March and 28 May 2010. I should have crawled out from under my own reef by then to check it out.

I have been writing about this hyperbolic modelling using crochet since 2008 (I still haven’t created any myself. Ah life!) and like a reef it seems to have taken on a life of its own. The Sydney project are using it to draw attention to the plight of their own great barrier reef but to me it is a metaphor not only for endangered habitats and species but endangered skills and knowledge. I read a blog post recently by a crocheter I follow about who taught you to crochet. I have no recollection about how I learnt how to crochet. I think I learnt from some craft books we had at home when I was growing up. I’m not very good at it to be honest and haven’t completed a project since secondary school except for a hat here or there. Maybe the internet can save endangered skills like these? I know I get a lot of inspiration from blogs I read and find via my Google Alerts and there is certainly no shortage of instruction on sites like VideoJug. I even picked up an app for my iPhone! (this link will open iTunes).

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