We are the champions!

A super quick post to say that Nipper 1.0 and I are delighted to have been chosen as the winners of the recent Made in Hollywood competition run in conjunction with the Irish Blog Awards 09. The Tommy he is referring to is Tommy Collison who very deservedly won the Best Newcomer Award this year.

My entry for the Made in Hollywood competition
My entry for the Made in Hollywood competition

Garman took a real shine to the speech bubble when I brought it home and he was home sick one day and I said we would have some fun making different speeches with it. I’m thrilled myself because apart from a bronze medal for the three legged race when I was 9 I have never won a thing in my life.

He is especially pleased to have won because I promised him a third of the booty to expand his small Lego (as opposed to big Lego pieces) collection so expect more fantastical photos in the future.

Thrilled 🙂