Pain in the ass!

I just spent the last few minutes writing an entry, decided to look up Atonement by Ian McEwan on the web as I am reading it at the minute and it’s great. Forgot that I had downloaded the new Google Toolbar with BlogThis! on it and sure when I clicked search didn’t it ask me like a big daw did I want to save or exit without saving. I said save but apparently twas not enough. Okay fascinating I know. A lot less fecking fascinating that what I had written before but that’s gone daddy gone.

I did mention however that Himself made a yummyscrummy dinner of chorizo and red pepper risotto. Try it. He added parmesan as we have loads at the mo.

Right gotta go and finish the “fun personality quiz” for

Slán tamaillín!

Blog soghluaiste

I found out today that you can get phone blogs that allow you to SMS to your blog. I haven’t ascertained whether Vodafone support it or not. Considering how technologically inept they have proved themselves to be of late, I doubt it. You 02 custumers can get it at FoneBlog.

I live in hope.

Back again

But unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot to say… Hmmmm

The reason for my absence is because the modem in work is buggy and just will not load certain sites, blogger included. Doh! So the only excuse I have for not coming home and blogging is that my life is far too interesting. ANd believe it or not the weather is too good.

To add to that we spent last weekend decorating the spare room where the computer lives so it was all packed up and carted away. The spare room is much more pleasant now and we are thinking we will all sleep down here in the winter.

Fascinating I know. I’m just out of the habit. I need to spring clean the site. I have discovered that my server hosts php so I have no excuse not to teach myself now.

In the news

Tá an lead seo mar ábhar már cainte sna meáin le déanaí. A blogger that will bring blogs to the masses if they haven’t been brought to them already. Tabhari cuairt ar a shuíomh