Too darn hot

I was in London at the weekend. No doubt you’ve seen the news. Temperature records were broken and for the first time ever Britain broke the 100 degrees fahrenheit mark in Heathrow on Sunday. And where pray tell was this pregnant lady on Sunday? Yep you guessed it – Heathrow on her way back home after a long and sticky weekend.

Still it meant that for once our museum fatigue was kept at bay by the abundance of air con in the museums. Went to see the portrait of Morgan Kelly in the National Portrait Gallery. Apart from the fact that there is a painting of my niece in the Gallery this is also a really brilliant gallery. There is a great exhibition at the moment about science and scientists. Two of the portraits are made from pigment extracted from the DNA of the sitters. Another is bacteria grown in a petri dish from the DNA of the sitter. There is also an amazing portrait of a female scientist that is made up of over 30,000 images that constantly change.

We also made it to the Tate Modern which is a mind blowing building never mind the exhibits.

We caught up with some friends (Fat Roy, Neela, Complainy Delany, Aoibheann & Rory) and missed others(Mr. James) but I really had to take it so easy. The heat was unbelievable. We were getting the bus from my aunt’s place into town on Sunday, a 20 minute journey. At Trafalgar square the bus driver made us disembark as the bus had overheated. Crazy.

I also found out that H&M Marble Arch have a maternity section AND air conditioning too. Bliss!

Well I’ve missed Sex in the City now. Damn – I’m off to bed. G’night

Agus Deda – ba ch�ir go n-oibreoidh an r-phost sin anois ach thainig t� orm san obair ar aon n�s. Feicfidh m� t� f�in agus an L�imh�n ar an D�ardaoin!