this is why your server is cranky

Now if I could only find the why-did-you-not-damn-well-bring-me-some-water equivalent I would be a less stressed individual. Check outthis is why your server is cranky on to see how some people deal with those little day-to-day stresses.

I tell you what else is stressing me out: I added an Irish Language spellchecker to my Firefox but now it’s telling me I can’t spell in English. Nach mise atá demanding!

But I kid: we have been having some real stress here lately with G’s health. He has been sick for at least a week every month since midsummer. Pneumonia, gastric problems, a chest infection last week and, yesterday’s diagnosis by a doctor in the Children’s Hospital, tonsilitis. S and, as you know from all me moaning last week, I have been feeling a bit under the weather recently too. Hopefully this will be the last of it for a while because everytime G gets sick he stops eating. He will disappear soon. It’s a real worry.

Feeling rubbish

I’m not feeling too good today. Blocked nose, aches and pains. I blame the biohazard that is my eldest son. He has gone back to the creche today so at least I can get some work done. S barely said goodbye to me when I dropped him in so some improvement there in the sense that he may be growing out of his clingy phase.

But I was also actually feeling rubbish last night (and I wonder that I’m sick) as I rooted through our recycling bin looking for Saturday’s Irish Times so that I could attempt the Crosaire crossword. Himself and I have recently started attempting this infamously difficult crossword and during this training period we attempt the previous day’s crossword and if we get really stuck we whip out the answers in today’s paper. Mum was just telling me that as part of a commemoration of the 10,000th crossword or some such a list of hints and tips was printed. I must find that.