Another feather for me boa

Ooh the excitement. Damien Mulley who I see Darklight refer to in their programme as an Irish Blogging Guru has accepted my application for his Training the Trainers Day which will get me a day out in Cork with like-minded souls if nothing else. Oh la I better whip this site into shape so!

I read about his offering on Twitter and it’s one of many leads/ideas/inspiration I have found from using Twitter. Himself has stopped describing himself as a web widower: he’s now a Twitter widower!

Ah well at least the kids are always up for annoying him. Happy Father’s Day!

Speaking of inattentivness my Hack Cuz pointed out in the comments I haven’t been reading her blog or telling you all about it. While I think you should read both of our blogs regularly I have to admit she is a far better writer. She is a professional, I am not. She is also getting some attention from another (ahem) “reknowned blogger” Conor Pope. The Hack Cuz and I have another grand plan that may come to fruition for your delectation once she has completed all her college work. We will both keep you posted…