A new addition to the family

I was going to write that I can’t believe it has taken me about 3 months to get myself organised to write about the latest addition to our family. However I can believe it. The reason I haven’t written about this addition is partly a time issue and partly the fact that I haven’t managed to get a decent photography of her. One that really does her justice. Because Huckle our new cat is really beautiful. She’s silver furred with dark grey markings. She has white socks and a white chest. She’s a short-haired cat and very friendly, both traits contrasting her with Fluff, the long haired, cranky tabby who grew up with us in Belgrave square and gave her last miaow shortly after I moved out.

I’ll keep taking pictures of Huckle but in the meantime here is a short, Qik video of her relaxing at home.