Huckle the curious & Nippers go nuts

@curiouswines i hope curiosity doesn't kill this cat on TwitPicThe whole family bar Himself gets a mention on this month’s Curious Wines Wine Blog.

I first became aware of Curious Wines on Twitter and partly because of my work I am very interested to watch how Irish companies are using new web technologies to promote their businesses. I also like wine. Then I got lost in Bandon and like a big purple and green sentinel what did I see before me but the Curious Wines warehouse. I was still lost but at least I knew there were people like me out there!

Then I decided I was going to buy some of their wine so I went for their Curious Old World Mixed Case at the bargain price of EUR89.00 for 12 bottles (which included a voucher I picked up on Twitter – see it does work!). While the actual drop-off proved a little difficult* I got my wine in time for the weekend and we have been thoroughly enjoying it since.

So I can’t describe wine but so far I have liked all of them but particularly loved the Mirabello Pinot Grigio and we are currently drinking the V Pinot Noir from Translyvania. Yum! Himself enjoyed the La Revolution Grenache but I’m a relative newcomer to Red so my palette is probably to immature to appreciate it 🙂

All the family got something out of this online purchase as you can see from the following meeja:

*The delivery of anything that one buys online is always a bit of a saga isn’t it? I work full time. So does Himself (kinda). It’s not always possible to be there for deliveries. It must also be a pain for delivery companies to arrive and not be able to deliver.