It indoors

I am having serious difficulties writing about this. It’s not that I don’t want to write about it or that I can’t but I just don’t know where to start.

On March 23rd 2003 (Gladys’ 90th birthday) Himself and I confirmed what we had suspected for some time. We are having a baby! I am 15 weeks pregnant. It’s supposed to make it’s grand entrance sometime in November and we’ll know more about it when we get our scan in June.

According to this is what the lil critter is up to presently:

“The increase in your baby’s weight is pronounced. All the major muscles respond to stimulation from the brain: the arms can bend from the wrist and elbow; the fingers can curl and make fists. The heart can be heard with an ultrasonic device.”

And, boy, can you hear it! We did for the first time two weeks ago when we had our first visit with the midwife.

So as regards the ol’ blog I am undecided as to whether to keep all the baby gushy lalala talk in a seperate section or to just carry on regardless. Himself is concerned that people will get bored with all the baby talk. The Talled and Tanned One can’t get enough of it and has spent more time gazing at baby’s clothes than me. They are very cute though….