Pass the Dutchy

We had a great weekend at our friends’ wedding in Gronigen. We went to an amazing exhibition of Peter Struycken’s work. He is a digital artist who has been working since the 60s. I was going to link to his work online but very surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have a website! Kudos to anyone who can find it. Here’s something to keep you going in the meantime. I saw the name Carel Struycken mentioned in the exhibition and being a bit anglocentric presumed sister/ wife/ daughter. He’s actually his brother and is none other than Lurch from the Addams Family and Mr. Homm from Star Trek. It’s all about synchronicity isn’t it.

We picked up Tiger costumes for the boys. Too cute. Okay it’s late. Good night.

Oh forgot to mention StarLittleThing launched their album last Friday. We missed it as we were in Gronigen and if you missed it give yourself a big kick.

Stars? YES! Little? NO! Things? All the bright young

Friday night was Culture Night 2007 in Dublin City. I apologise to the very cultured people who were being shown around the inner sanctum of Lord Powerscourt’s, Richard Wingfield 3rd Viscount (1730-1788), city centre abode. I barged up to their tour guide and asked “Is this the way to the Loft?” There was no way on earth that I was missing another StarLittleThing gig! I have had no luck so far and I know I’m missing their album launch on 5th October in Crawdaddy so I was damned if I was missing their single launch. I needn’t have worried: I was there a fashionable half an hour late and they were an even more fashionable hour and a half late. We were kept amused by all the free beer and based on the nonsensical conversation I had with the young girl serving the free booze she had also kept herself well amused.
It was brilliant. I know I’m completely biased but the energy in the room when they picked up their instruments completely changed, notched up. I, of course, danced. I can’t believe there were people there who didn’t.

The only downside of the evening was when I was introduced to this older man and the first thing he said to me was, “You look like Bette Midler”. All I could think to say to him was, “I’m so @#*&ing insulted!” Normally I wouldn’t be so rude but I really don’t like Bette Midler. I demurred a little bit but I didn’t take it back.
Don’t miss StarLittleThing at Crawdaddy 23.30 on €15 entry includes free copy of the album. A bargain.

Then we headed down to the Port House for a few pinchos and finished up in wagamama for noodles. A delicious evening.
I was feeling a little worse for the wear when I wrote this. I was at a hen on Saturday. Not my best work darling.

Keep on reading, keep on reading

I still haven’t finished reading about paradigmatic controversies etc. but I have watched 2 episodes of DH. Now that’s social research.
I must be doing something right though because I got another good result on my last assignment so go on the me.

We just had a beautiful weekend in Oysterhaven Co. Cork (the top right picture is me and the boys in Nohoval Cove – does anyone know anything about this place?) visiting and being visited by friends, hanging out on the beach, doing an egg hunt, surfing (Himself) swimming (me starting and early this year!), being brought all the way home from Cork in a tow truck (all of us). Oh yes our lovely car which we had just retrieved from the garage the previous Thursday after a week and half there (it went into a coma on the way home from Wexford last Sunday week), gave up the ghost again on Monday morning while we were on the way to visit friends in Nenagh. The photo to the right is how we felt while we waited 2 hours to be collected. As you can see the car is nice and roomy… Much to G’s delight we came all the way home in a tow truck. Lovely. What should we do now? Watch this space…

Right I must get back to “The denial of children’s rights and liberties in the UK and the North of Ireland”…