Tá sé fíor alright

Nílim i bhfad ar ais ó Albain, tír draoíchtúil ár ngaolta Ceilteacha. Bhí am spreagúil agam ann agus maireann an áit speisialta i mo chroí don tír sin.
On a lighter note I can confirm that the Tenori-on is for real because I tried one out in Edinburgh last Saturday. Oh yes say it loud and say it proud I am a nerd. Sadly I was a very unmusical and slightly hungover nerd with only a short time to pass before going for a flight so I didn’t get a really good shot of it as we say here in Crumlin.
I am definitely back at college so expect a lot less or a lot less of interest to be posted here. You can keep track of what I am listening to thanks to my fab new Last.fm on the left or you can try and distract me using the meebo chat wizard on the right. (Go on give it a go – you’ll probably be the first!)