Lotto Life

Lotto life So we have yet to win the lotto. In the meantime, it breaks my heart that the bank are charging me 28c everytime I undertake an online transaction. Can you believe the stingy shits charge me to use my time and resources to do their work. When I win the lotto I am going to set up my own bank…
AND it still takes three days to process a Visa payment made online. Good jesus!

Cus I can

Cus I can Just got an e-mail from my cousin Aoife – she is a photographer and is a bit miffed that one of my seriously amateur and really quite bad quality pix was published in the Irish Times last week. In her shoes, (or should I say behind her lens) I would be seriously miffed at me too but can I help it if I have connections…?

Beck off

Beck off There were 3 – THREE!!! – “news” stories about David Beckham in the Examiner today. For all journos reading this – a footballer in an ad for a soft drink or any other product is not news. Mind you neither is Zoe Ball’s marital status but I still read about it.

Up Waherfawd

Up Waherfawd I see in the paper today that Waterford County Council have introduced very strict new bye laws about recycling. Oh some day Dublin Cockup Council will do the same and we won’t have to drive to a “bring station” to recycle our glass and plastic. You would think living in Rathgar things could be a bit more civilised.
In other news, however, our cheque for 80 yoyos arrived from them. Even though our appeal was successful Dublin CiCo pointed out they will never entertain another appeal. Of course they didn’t explain what we should do if we get another new car in the next two years.