Craft like a fox

So it’s official: I can no longer use our recent house move as an excuse. With the housewarming well and truly over we are settled in and then some into our fabulous new home.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram/ Facebook may have seen me posting that I was feeling all Maria Von Trapp after taking down all the curtains in our house. (This was after the installation of our new blinds from Square Blinds on the Long Mile who I am very happy to recommend.)

So even though those curtains were no longer needed to dress my window I did feel a mega pang of guilt about the concept of chucking all that polycotton in a bin, even a recycling one. One curtain was immediately put to use as floor protection as I painted the kitchen. Like a complete amateur I forgot to do a before and after so I won’t be regaling you with carefully styled interior shots.

Handmade fabric box
Then I remembered this tutorial on UCreate for making fabric baskets and I thought, “It’s not curtains for these curtains after all.” I had visions of converting all that curtain into basket, forgetting it was neither today nor yesterday that I sat at my machine. Bits of three days later (I had to do a LOT of practising,  particularly the curvy bits) I am quite proud of the finished article (as long as I don’t look at the cut-out handles. At all. So I learnt something too, right?

Part of my motivation for making this was that I needed some way to display my wares at the upcoming St. Agnes CCMA Craft Fair on May 15th at which I will have a stall. My first craft fair! It popped up in my Facebook feed back in January while we were waiting to get our keys for the house and I figured I might have time. The centre is just down the road from the new gaff so I thought it might be a way to meet some folk too.  It is being run by a very interesting local organisation. They are most famous for their initiative for creating a community orchestra where both children and parents learn instruments from scratch at the same time. So if you are anywhere in the neighbourhood between 12 and 5 on Thursday 15th May pop in and have a gander. In the box above you can see a sample of my Granny square coaster and my Granny Bunting but I (will!!) have lots more bits and bobs on the day.

Hope to see you there!

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