Why does the Gaeilgeoir only have one egg in the morning? (Weekly menu)

I bought more eggs this week when I already had enough (geddit? an ubh. Works in French too.) So they feature rather strongly on this week’s menu. Nobody objected.
Lunch: Sossy sambos – these were planned with the fear that we would be hungover and hankering for something greasy and salty. Thankfully we are now grown up and therefore not hungover but we ate the sossy sambos anyway. Classy.
Dinner: Mint and Almond pesto pasta – as the Nippers had declined to eat this during the previous week I included it here. Goodbye mint plant… This recipe is from the excellent River Cottage Everyday Veg which I had to return to the library so it is now on my wishlist. Hint, bloody hint.
Lunch:Bagels: BLT/ Rasher/ Banana and Peanut butter
I also rustled up these Banana Oat Muffins and decided to try this new Hermesetas Stevia sugar substitute. Like this reviewer  I get a strong liquorice taste from this sugar substitute so I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it again. Whatever about getting an aftertaste, I find it really lingers.
Dinner: Roast chicken legs with Celery Gratin. Remind me not  to try roasting the potatoes from scratch with the chicken legs. It just doesn’t work.
Lunch: Nipper 3.0 and I had leftover pasta and the boys had muffins. I wasn’t in top parenting mode due to a nasty cold.
Dinner: Chicken noodle soup – as I had been feeling sniffly for the last few days I felt an old fashioned cure was in order. I read up on a few chicken noodle soup recipes and as I suspected there is not much to it. I had made chicken stock the night before and kept two of the legs over to cook and use in the soup. I’ll post my own version of this recipe although I haven’t got it quite right – it needed something. This was also a response to my kids continued pleas for super noodles and apart from Nipper 3.0 who had conked out on the couch, they larruped it into them. Score one for Rosie!
Lunch: Scrambled eggs on toast
Dinner:  Spaghettie Bolognese- I’ve tried a few different recipes and really there’s not much between them. I’ve tried quick recipes, I’ve tried recipes that involve three hours cooking, I’ve tried recipes with milk, I’ve tried recipes with bacon. The main trick with bolognese is make loads and stick it in the freezer for use in lasagna, with rice, bake potatoes or as a frozen gift for new parents. My sister told me that she judges many restaurants by the quality of their bolognese.  She’s not wrong, unless it’s a Thai restaurant 🙂
Lunch: Toasted sambos – we had friends from school visiting so I decided to keep it simple. “Who doesn’t love toasted sambos?” says I and one of the very polite children desperately tried to answer me. He learned one meaning of the word rhetorical today!
Dinner: Omelette + 3 salads: This is a dinner we’ll often have mid-week, thinking it’s easy. Salad is never easy. I went with this broccoli salad (I’m a demon for broccoli salad) which is really tasty and actually really virtuous. Nipper 1.0 made his signature Caprese salad and the last was simply kidney beans with red onions and balsamic vinegar. We always call this omelette due to the strong French influence on my childhood but in fact I know this is more like a spanish tortilla with its potatoes and bacon.
Lunch: Leftover salads for me and Nipper 3.0’s biccies on the move. Thursday afternoons are very busy for us as the kids have a bunch of afterschool activities. If there’s going to be a homework related fight, it’s going to happen on a Thursday. So note to self, work on a better on-the-go snack box to keep them all going.
Dinner: : Fish fajitas. I was so fed up with attempts at fish dishes that I throw in the towel and let Himself have a bash at it this week. It was a good idea but we should have gone for tacos to transport the battered cod to our gobs. Himself curried even more favour with the nippers by serving deep fried gnocchi.
Lunch: As shopping will happen before this, it could be anything but currently I’m thinking egg mayonaise in a piece of baguette.

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  1. I came across your blog while googling “Epicure Lebanese Paste”. I was looking for a spice paste in Superquinn which contained no chilli (which I love and himself doesn’t). It was bought in a bid to liven up a load of cheap Lidl veg lurking in the back of the fridge.

    I like the look of your blog as I’m trying to eat healthier and more cheaply and have vowed to use up crap lurking around the kitchen rather than chucking it out. I like eating but am not so keen on the cooking; being of a lazy bent.

    I too am an idiot for the “offers” and BOGOFs and am trying just to buy stuff off the LIST and not buy eight half-price Original Source shower gels every time I go into Tesco.

    Mind you, if the first thing I’d seen had been the steamed whiting with mint and sour cream, I wouldn’t have hung around. Gag. How could you?

  2. Hi Europhile,

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for letting me know what brought you here!
    Yeah the whiting was a TOTAL disaster. I nearly cried.

    I’m a sucker for the bogofs but if it’s something non-perishable, sure why not? Right? RIGHT?

    I’ve slacked off a bit with the menus due to an excess of busy-ness but hope to add a few shortly. I really hope they give you some ideas!

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