Teatime with Rosie

I’ve completed a couple of projects lately of which I am inordinately proud so please excuse my bragging for a moment. First up is this delirious tea cosy which I made as a birthday present for Abigail.
I followed this easy pattern which I originally came across on Ravelry.com. The wool is mostly from Springwools although I haggled he orange wool from a woman on Meath st. I haggled rather a lot from her so if I make something for you expect some orange in it. The beige I picked up for a song in Oxfam. The buttons were a total find in A Rubanesque which is, apparently, Ireland’s only passementerie boutique. Yes you do learn something new every day.

The other completed project is that I completed the Couch to 10k programme although I’m still not convinced that I have actually run 10k but I can now run non-stop for 50 minutes

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