Wednesday was two days ago WIP

Rowan Yarns Corfu from Summer CrochetI’ve been busy thanks to some time off. I had to train it up and down to Dublin so I had an opportunity to crochet like a crazy lady. Don’t tell Himself but it was one of the best parts of the holiday 🙂
While I was on the train I worked on this green top from a Rowan pattern. It worked out really badly as you can see. I got stuck and asked Rowan Yarns on Twitter for help. I tried to ask them on Facebook but for some reason was unable to post to their wall. (Maybe Facebook has me tagged as a crotchety auld one…) Exasperated I tried to email them but could only fill out a contact form. I HATE contact forms. Website owners if you MUST have a contact form please make sure to email a copy to your user. So a week later I finally get a response at which point I had made the best I could of the indecipherable instructions. As you can see it turned out really well – NOT. Oh and my beetroot soup leaked on it. Disaster. So I’m going to rip that side anyway. The first time I actually make something to wear myself and it’s a complete show. Sigh.
Julie Cuff in Gold in Anchor Artiste Metallic
However this next item was a gem. I can’t remember where I got the pattern but you can get it here. I made this for my friend for a significant birthday and was completely delighted with how it turned out. And so was she. I’m glad I dragged the poor Nippers half way across town for the yarn.

Back Julie Cuff in Gold in Anchor Artiste Metallic This is the back of the cuff. Thanks to my aunty for sewing the buttons on while I got ready for the party!

Trial run of Julie Cuff. LumpyThe pink number here was the trial run which I did on Friday night. I’m really glad I did because the yarn was wrong and I made a few rookie errors.

Wedding present for the cousin

Finally here’s an update on the blanket that I’m working on for my cousin and his new wife as a wedding present. The first pattern I worked on did not work out. It was too finicky for a blanket, the tension was all wrong and it was turning out the wrong, wrong size. So I ditched it in favour of the Granny Stripe Blanket from Attic24. I’ll probably make a little cushion out of the crazy squares to go with it. I hope I don’t break the wedding present rule and fail to give it to them before the first anniversary. It’s turning out well and it’s a very easy, relaxing number to do.

I do this though:

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