Wednesday WIP

Work in progress. It’s a great phrase. It’s all action and forward motion. I like to think of my life as one big work in progress. That’s why I called this blog One of these days… One of these days the work in progress will be finished.

But you know what? Other work will always be there to take its place. A while back Keith Bohanna recommended a book called “Getting Things Done” (not directly to me, mind!) and as I was always impressed with his modus operandi when working with him I thought I’d give it a look. I picked up a copy before my leave between finishing with the IIA and starting with Prosperity. I got a fair bit done on my holiers. I didn’t actually get the book read! It’s a work in progress.

I also look on my body as a work in progress and thanks to my childbearing of recent years it’s definitely been a work in progress. A friend recommended Couch to 10K and I’m on week 4 so far. It’s going well but a new pair of runners has destroyed my heels with blisters which makes it very difficult to get going in the morning.

Finally I’ve had a few crochet projects on the go. I created decorations for a farewell plant for my colleagues. I also gave them and my mother iPhone cosies. I’m also just about finished a little cardigan for my gorgeous new niece – another fabulous work in progress. You can see the beginning of the first row below. I had planned a beautiful blanket for her. You can see that I started it below. I had to frog the whole lot as they seem to say online. Rip every last stitch. It just wasn’t right. So that’s another work in progress.

I’ve also had to rethink the wedding present I’m working on as it was also not turning out as I expected. So all in all lots of work in progress!

And I haven’t even mentioned the garden this time round! What works in progress have you on the go at the moment? Anything you are especially excited about? Go on, tell all!

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  1. Hey, best of luck with your WIP! Mine at the moment is buying presents for a rake of new babies and actually getting to visit them – tough life hah?

  2. Hi Roseanne,

    Congrats on the new job. I was away on holidays when you announced it.

    I would highly recommend “Getting Things Done”. I read it about 18 months ago and have been putting it into practice for the last 12 months. While I’m still far from perfecting it, I have seen a big change in my productivity, both at work and at home.

    Good luck with the Couch to 10K training. I’m currently on a Couch to 5K programme and also in my 4th week.

    There are 2 major WIPs in my life at the moment. First of all baby number 2 is on the way in late November (we could have a double birthday with baby number 1, if the due date is correct).

    Also I just got approval from my existing employer to engage in some freelance consultancy work during out of office hours. I’ve been putting plans in place for the last 6 months and really happy to get the go ahead. I’ll be offering training and consultancy services around creating effective workplaces and I’m working closely with a friend out of the Netherlands who has just setup a similar business in his local market – Exciting times.

  3. Wow, Frank, that’s all amazing! I’m kinda sorry that I didn’t opt for the Couch to 5k: sometimes the couch to 10k is just too long to fit in before work.

    That’s great about the extra work: what a great area to get into! I’ll check out the site later πŸ™‚

    I hope the pregnancy is happy and healthy and nΓΊmero uno handles the transition πŸ™‚

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