Happiness works for me

Well the cat is officially out of the bag. My future boss tweeted yesterday morning that I will be joining their team at Prosperity.

In some ways it will be a big change but in essence I hope I can continue to help people help companies do more, better online. To quote themselves:

“We are Prosperity: Ireland’s leading digital, advertising, marketing and creative recruitment consultancy. We bring great people and great companies together. We make the world a happier place. We know, it’s not world peace – but it’s a start. Happiness works. Seek happiness here.”

I’m all about happy. As my good friend told me in our physics class way back when “I always remember which is positive because it’s Roseannode.”

I’ve been with the IIA for just over three years and much has changed in the IIA, in Ireland, in the world and in my life since then. And just when you think that life may has paused, plateaued, someone suggests an alternative to you that gets you thinking, “What if…?”

I’m excited about the idea that I’ll be making people think “What if…?” every day. Imagine I’ll be changing lives from July – how cool is that?

9 Replies to “Happiness works for me”

  1. Congrats Roseanne. You will be a perfect purveyor of happiness at Prosperity. All the best with the move.

  2. Thanks Brendan. Congrats to you too on your job – sounds amazing! Keep in touch!

  3. Thanks Alan *blushes* I’ll be working as a recruitment consultant specialising in digital media and marketing. A big change for me but looking forward to the thrill of helping people change their lives! It will also allow to keep on keeping up on my favourite topics – well except the crochet…

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