You are what I eat

Last year a friend sent me a link to an ad on Activelink about a research project being undertaken by a PhD student in DCU School of Nursing. The project is researching the effect of the expectant mother’s diet on their child’s taste preferences. I was happy to take part. I had to keep a food diary for a week in my last trimester, for a week in the first 3 months’ of Nipper 3.0’s life and last week the researcher, Aileen Kennedy, came to our house and undertook a taste test with her. Lastly we had to keep a food diary for her for 3 days.

Aileen is still seeking participants for the study. All the details and lots of questions are answered over on So if you are due before January 2011 and would like to help explore this then follow the link above and get in touch with Aileen.

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