Rosie put the kettle on

a farmerI mentioned in a previous  post that I was going to give a kettlebell workout a go. I’ve been to two classes and have enjoyed it. As well as being a toning workout, it also includes cardio aspects and builds your core strength. Obviously I have a bit to go before there will be visible improvements but it’s great to feel like I’m doing something! I always enjoy the social aspect of a class too.
Photo owned by wu_135 (cc)

It’s great to hear from Shane Nicoletti, our kettlebells instructor, that he has been given permission to run a twice weekly lunchtime course in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin City Centre.  The classes will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1pm – 1.30pm starting June 21st. If you are looking for something to set you up for an afternoon of work this is perfect way to re-energise especially as it takes place outdoors – a particularly fine way to exercise!

Check out the Kettlebells Ireland site for more details.

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