Crop swap

We will soon have a bumper crop of beetroot and potatotes followed by carrot, parsnips, red onion and er spring onion, all from our garden here in Dublin. While I like my veggies I certainly won’t be able to eat all of those we have grown. Especially the lettuce… Himself and I got to thinking that we are probably not alone in this situation but there might be other gardeners out there with bumper crops of other vegetables. Would you like to swap some of your peas for our beetroot? Or cabbage for our potatoes? (I’m probably totally displaying my ignorance about vegetable growing times here but you get my drift…)

No money need change hands. All we’ll need is a public venue, indoor or outdoor, where a group of home gardeners can get together and swap their crops. August would probably be the best time in terms of harvesting right? Or am I being ignorant again?

Please leave your comments below if you’d like to get involved or if, indeed, this is already happening somewhere in Dublin and I’m just slow on the uptake.

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