Buy Night Time Walking all over the place!

My sister Abigail Smith‘s debut album, Night Time Walking, is now available to purchase online on CD Baby, and iTunes (this last link will open your iTunes if you have it installed).

If you are in Dublin and wish to support a local record store you can pick it up in Road Records on Fade St. It is also available from Dublin’s Tower Records.

Here’s Abigail about a fortnight ago. She called in to see her new niece AGAIN and sang this beautiful new song that she wrote for us. (Recorded live in me kitchen using the Qik live app for iPhone) She first sang it for me on my birthday at her gig in Odessa in February. I love it. She has written beautiful songs for all three of the nippers.

This second video was recorded live at that gig and uploaded using to Facebook using my Qik Video Camera App for iPhone. Nifty eh?

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