Navel gazing

I am so self absorbed these days. Much as I was back in June 2006 as I counted the days until Nipper 2.0’s arrival or not as the case was then. You would think I would make the most of this time blogging and casting over on The Rosie View but I managed to completely banjax my back last Monday and couldn’t sit or lie down comfortably for about 5 days. I don’t generally have a bad back so this was my first experience of the excruciating pain that can be experienced and I readily admit I was blubbing like a baby. All I could take for the pain was Panadol! Thankfully by Friday it seemed to have eased off and I started thinking “Hey I could do this whole birth thing!”. Then the next thing you know Nipper 1.0 spends all Saturday night puking on the half hour so by the time 6am came around on Sunday the two of us got up (Himself having done the lion’s share of pajama and bed changing during the night.) So yesterday I was exhasusted again and hopeful not to go into labour as much for my own energy levels as for Himself’s.

So time is hanging heavy on my hands and my feet and my belly. I found a photo of myself at 40 weeks on Nipper 2.0 and created the collage below because as mentioned I’m very self absorbed these days. The silhouette on the left is me in 2006 and the silhouette on the right is me yesterday. I reckon I looked bigger in 2006!

I know many of you are waiting for our news so here’s a song to keep you amused in the meantime 🙂 A great iconic female singer for International Women’s Day.

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