Hello girls’ world

She’s arrived! All 8lbs (3.63kg) of Ada Meyler arrived very quickly just 8 minutes past International Womens’ Day so I got most of my IWD wish come true!
Here’s a not very gorgeous pic of me and her. I have a daughter!

Here’s Ada with her aunt Abigail & her granny Elizabeth.

19 Replies to “Hello girls’ world”

  1. She’s beautiful and so are you! Congratulations to you and hubby. Hope the other kiddies are delighted with their new lovely sister! So happy for you! Would’ve just lost my bet for IWD tho — couldn’t you have pushed a little harder! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my god how beautiful – and a little girl!!!

    Was it Marley and Me that done it?

    Congratulations and well done


  3. Welcome to the world, little Ada! You have one of my very favourite names, and you come with your very own internet fan club – how cool is that?

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