Snow is gone

I love this song by Josh Ritter. It means a lot to me. When I was working up to being in labour with Nipper 1.0 this song really stuck in my mind and will always remind me of waiting for him to arrive. He was a long time coming in his own way!

When we were deciding on the music for our wedding we asked our musical family and friends to play specific tunes. Himself asked his brother in law and nephews to play “A Whole Lotta Rosie”; I asked my siblings to play “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton. This HAD to be included even though it’s a song of unrequited love. Our friends Ronan & Ciarán did a beautiful rendition despite the fact that Ronan managed to break his arm two days before the wedding.

Then in a serendipitous coinkydink when we all decamped to An Daingean for Ronan’s wedding to Catherine who was playing the night before their wedding in St. James Church? Josh Ritter himself! And I was pregnant at that stage with Nipper 2.0!

Cheer up the snow is gone ach beidh an tEarrach linn 1 lá Feabhra!

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