Heavy mam…

From my weekly Eumom Personal Page

During this period, your baby will become plumper and heavier as stores of white fat are deposited under the skin and as your baby continues to mature and put on weight.

Great. These jeggings (or treggings as they call them in Penneys :)) were a really bad idea then. Let’s just say they’re snug on me. A size bloody 14 too!

Jokes aside I love this service from Eumom. You can choose to receive a weekly update on your baby’s progress by email. It’s very simple but it just reminds me to get my priorities straight! On my first pregnancy my GP recommended Eumom to me and I found their forums, especially the birth clubs to be a great support. I do feel a little mean not using them this time around when I am the very kind of experienced mum who could be helping support the new mums but I honestly just don’t have the time!

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