A Beautie-ful surprise

Finally back on Irish soil after a five am start to Beauvais this morning (how bad says you). I’m sitting in Superquinn car park feeling a lot worse for wear. Himself is in the supermarket picking up the homecoming essentials with Nipper 2.0. Nipper 1.0 is awakening none too happy from a snooze and Nipper 3.0 (Beta) is kicking the bejaysus outta me after a day on the go has kept it lulled into silence. I decide to check my Twitter because that is my default activity during moments of inactivity. I am thrilled to receive this tweet:

Well done to LittleQuiz winners  @enormous and @kevism this week ::  http://is.gd/4CsMw

I won €250 worth of  yet to be revealed cosmetic fabulousness as well as the Beautie Guide to Gorgeous so it’s the prize that will just go on giving. I love reading beauty tips so really looking forward to diving right in. One less thing I have to drop hints about this Crimble! Or possibly many less things – I’ll keep you posted about what I receive and what I think of them.

 I love LittleQuiz and enter it every week (except I skipped the week of the mobile phone even though I’m a big fan of LouderVoice, the company who were running it. Cosmetics I need, a second phone I do not.) I think it’s such a simple but clever idea. I get an email newsletter or I’ll see a tweet every week about the latest competition. As the tagline goes, “Know a little, win a lot.” I answer three questions, log-in and I’m done. I also always tweet about it and leave a comment on the blog because then I’m also in with a chance of winning €100 cash or a bag of goodies. If this has convinced you head on over and sign up. Although I shouldn’t really encourage you as it lessens my chances of winning all the goodies!

I’ve done well this year entering blogging, commenting and twittering competitions, having won tickets to Puppetfest and €150 from Made in Hollywood for a caption competition. Bloggers and twitterers are often given cool prizes to give away, sometimes giving items away after reviewing them. While the blogger may have reach of their own, competitions often give them greater reach as news of their “generosity” spreads. It also gives companies a boost as news of their generosity spreads and they can gather twitter followers, blog readers, site visitors, social network fans or whatever they’re having themselves. I think this is a great example of how a brand can spread the same message across numerous channels and achieve results on all of them. I also reckon you have (but only currently and not for long) a much better chance of winning a prize from a blogger or twitterer then you might in say an Irish Times phone-in competition. I have no scientific basis for assertion this but I can tell you honestly that I never won a thing in my life before I started entering competitions online. I really hope I don’t get hooked! If this is not reason enough for you to start blogging & tweeting yourself  or, at the very least, commenting, then I don’t know what is!

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  1. Thanks very much for the mention!
    There are a lot of cool (Irish) websites giving out prizes on a fairly regular basis. I might try to get a list together at some stage and try to keep it updated. Easier said than done I guess.

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