The First Dance

I don’t think it’s their very first time doing this dance, do you? How brilliant though and such fun! Congratulations to my cousin and my new cousin-in-law! Welcome to the family. You might possibly be madder than the rest of us…

By the way the cat is fine. Please send home all the babysitters. Thanks

4 Replies to “The First Dance”

  1. Wow! What a fantastic alternative to a first dance and such a great way to get the rest of the guests involved. Such a lovely idea – and clearly enjoyed by all.

    One to take note of, for if I EVER take the plunge 😉

  2. @Dena – When, my lovely, when some undeserving guy is lucky enough to snap you up 🙂

    @Dorothy – I’m still a firm believer in the fact that Irish people are not married until Sweet Caroline is played and an aunt goes belly up on the dance floor.

    @Séamas – ye think!? I think preparation like this is actually really romantic and caring towards all those who have travelled to be with you.

    It’s just aaaawwww and a big smile really.

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