I need help

As my regular readers know my sister Abigail is an up and coming musician with a new album out. Those of you who read this blog will also know I’m kinda mad for the blogging and have long been persuading her and my other family members to blog, damn you, blog! Abigail has actually been blogging for quite some time and it’s a really nice blog too reflecting her interests and passions and as her sister I can vouch that apart from the absence of the clothes robbing from your big sister traits, it’s really her.

However having a blog on MySpace is not really good for the old Google Juice and besides me, I think MySpace is awful. Totally personal opinion based on trying to use it and just detesting how it generally looks. I know it’s great for musicians but many of the things that a musician likes can be achieved via a blog or on Facebook now and neither a blog or a Facebook page will look cack by default. I don’t generally give out about stuff and I’m sorry to be so negative but this is purely my personal opinion on my personal blog.

I have convinced Abigail to move her blogging activities to her own web address where she can of course include widgets from all her social sites. However, like me, she is reluctant to abandon all those great posts she has written. While I know it’s possible to get a RSS feed from her MySpace blog (I’m subscribed to her blog and I also feed it via twitterfeed to my twitter account.) I cannot for the life of me how to export this feed and re-import to the WordPress blog that I have set up for her. I transferred all six years of this blog from Blogger to WordPress with minor problems caused by my own inexperience in my early days of blogging (no titles on my posts – I had my reasons!)

If anyone has any experience with this or can suggest some apps that might help I will bake you a chocolate fudge cake by way of thanks!

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  1. Hmmm … To the best of my knowledge you can only pull the last 10 posts in via the RSS feed …

    you could probably write a script to parse it all I saw mention of this on a site before but I don’t think it really works … wget + each listing page … and convert it into a big RSS / XML feed that you can easily import to the wordpress blog

  2. @bhg – that I can do. What Abi and I want however is to stop using the MySpace as blog altogether, gather up all her posts and import them into the new WP blog I’m creating for her. But thank you all the same for the suggestion – it’s a possible fix 🙂

    @forbairt – “you could probably write a script to parse it all” I’m sincerely chuffed by your faith in my scripting skills 😉 Not a hope that I would be able to do anything of the sort 🙁 I wonder is there anyone who likes cake that might be able to do this. I will even post the cake if required if say the helper happens to be in Southern Europe…

  3. Hey Thomas,

    That looks like it might be a goer! Giving it a try. So this Twitterfeed mess up wasn’t a complete disaster after all – you may never have seen my tweet on this subject otherwise!


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