Parenting Teens, Inspiring Ideas to Help Your Child Prosper

Some mornings I stand back and look at my eldest and think, “We’ve skipped childhood altogether and gone straight for the teens.” The word “whatever” has been banned in our house, it caused me so much annoyance when it was used in reply to the most reasonable request. Probably not the best parenting technique but it was that word or me at one point last week.

My eldest is not yet six and we are hoping against hope that all his teenager-ly antagonism will be vented by the time he reaches his teens. Mind you with Mr. Destructo coming up close behind him I’d say we are damned either way.

So while it’s not for me (yet) I was interested in an upcoming event aimed at parents who are helping their teens make some career & study choices. Whatever about negotiating coats and bags in the morning and the longer term goals of reading and responsibility that one has with a six year old, helping a teenager with their choices for the future must be a minefield. So if you are facing into that period and living in or near Dublin, it might well be in your interested to check out the following post about an event to that effect from Irish Blogger, Krishna De. Parenting Teens, Inspiring Ideas to Help Your Child Prosper

(Disclosure: Krishna sometimes presents for the organisation I work for and I am on the IIA Social Media Working Group with her.)

Correction: Krishna is not directly involved in this programme but managed to obtain 10 free tickets for bloggers who would be interested in writing about the presentation.

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  1. Roseanne – thanks for sharing this – it’s not my programme but I was fortunate to be offered 10 tickets.

    By the way one of my twins who is 7 has a wonderful habit of saying ‘I have no idea’ – it is amazing how fast they grow up.

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