You should be dancing

I went clubbing on Friday for a friend’s birthday. It was the first time in AGES that I have been clubbing. While it crossed my mind to head home after the pub especially when I thought about the momfest I was set to have on Saturday, I’m really glad I headed out. It was brilliant fun, of course, and man did I dance!

Calder Ice Cream at PlumWhen we arrived at the Twisted Pepper for MUD: MARTELO (SANTIGOLD TOUR DJ) + Wobble Present BASS CLEF LIVE on Middle Abbey St. practically the first person I bumped into was my cousin Edward who says, “You’re a bit old to be here, aren’t you?” I think I’m two years older than he. Nice.

I wasn’t too blown away by Bass Clef but I really enjoyed Martelo. My friend did point out to me that dub step, Bass Clef’s style of music, is an acquired taste. Sadly I don’t get out often enough to acquire it.

DJ Martelo played a brilliant tune on Friday night that I would love to get a hold of because I think the Nippers would love it. It was about ice cream! So if you know what it’s called please let me know – thanks!
Photo right owned by Rex Roof (cc)

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