I’m not prone to profanity on this blog as a general rule but strictly speaking it is not incorrect to call slugs BASTARDS!

Not one single carrot shoot survived since I last wrote about my foray into veggie gardening. It’s unfair of me to blame the slugs really; I’m so inexperienced that if you told me that it was Huckle the cat whodunnit I would have no grounds to question your possibly superior knowledge.

The onions have yet to make an appearance which is, as we say in Irish, ag teacht idir mé féin is mo chodladh.

I think that I have spotted some bean shoots and knowing the ignominious fate of all my bedding plants I do not want to see the onions and beans and the next batch of carrots go the same way. So what should we do? Are there any tried and tested slug repellents out there?

On the upside the rhubarb is looking good and generally all the shrubs and trees are blooming and marvellous. I picked up a sage plant yesterday; our sage did well last year until we went on holidays and the rain in August did for it. Himself is giving over what little time he has for the garden to nurturing the parsley and basil which are both doing well.

On Easter Sunday it was really brought home to me (if you’ll excuse the pun) what a joy it is to own your own patch of grass. Cup of coffee in hand, lounging on the lawn, Middlebro, his wife, Himself and I looked on as the Nippers, ably assisted by their cousin, the older Frog Prince, searched high and low for their Easter eggs as the sun warmed our welcoming skin. Bliss.

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